Best Water Heater in India For 2020

Hey guys, If you are looking for the best water heater in India 2020 for this cold winter you have the correct place.

In the winter season, It is extremely challenging in taking those morning showers with cold water.

Additionally, we feel tired to clean up when the water is cold. Install a Geyser or water heater in your home and make the most of your shower.

You are choosing the best geyser is not easy because lots of factors like efficiency, safety, capacity, durability, consumption, electricity, price, warranty, after-sales service, and many more factors used.

If you are buying geyser for the first time so you can make sure to read the buying guide. It’s helping to buy the best product.

You have bought some factor use like your bathroom space, budget, electricity, some factor helping for the best choice product.

9+ Best Water Heater in India

The following are the top 9+ best geysers available in this market. So, I’ll find top geyser for you:

1. AO SMITH HSE-SDS-15 STORAGE WATER HEATERthis is the best water heater in India for home use

AO Smith is a reputed and certified brand. Its product material is excellent and the number one service provider.

It is available in three variant 10 liters, 15 liters, and 25 liters.

If your family in 3 to 5 member so, you can choose 15 liters variant because of its enough for you.

This brand water heater, so, you can check out its outer body is very attractive and glossy. This quality gives you the best seller in the water heater category.

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Built & Design:

AO Smith HSE- SDS- 15 15-Liter 2000-Watt vertical water heater is an advanced technology with a blue diamond glass-lined tank. Its protects from hard water, corrosive elements, and temperature range around 25-75 centigrade.

This version also has an outside temperature control knob so that you can reduce the heat if you want and save energy. It also has a safety wall to release water.


  • This water heater is recommended for all types of the user because of its inbuilt technology more useful for all users.
  • AO Smith is a reputed brand, and also you can know about this brand its goods from Hot Water.


  • It comes 2 years on product, 2 years on the heating element and also 5 years on tank.

Weight & Height:

  • It is a white water heater that weight 16.02 kg. And also comes in dimensions 57.2 cm (Length) x 50.6 cm (Width) x 46.2 (Height).

Key Feature

  • 15-liters capacity
  • Free installation in many areas
  • Ten days easy return
  • Advance technology
  • Stainless still coating
  • Advanced settings
  • Five-star product
  • 7-years warranty

  • Best for medium size family
  • Good customer service
  • Customizable temperature settings
  • Free installation 
  • Long warranty period
  • Ruler area may be service not available
  • Price is high as compare to another.

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2. Crompton Solarium DLX SWH815 15-Litre Storage Water HeaterCrompton best geyser in India for enjoy hot bath

Crompton is a brand in India. Its products market in India. Its product reliability is superb.

It is available in 15 liters of storage variants. It’s available in ivory color.

Its quality is very good for this budget. It is best for a budget price and 15 liters storage.

These geysers are famous for efficiency and design.

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Built and Design:

Crompton Solarium DLX SWH815 15-Litre Storage Water Heater is five stars rated effective yet straightforward water heater.  The internal tank is coated with a nano polymer and saves energy.

Also, Water Heater is a 4 star rated merchandise. It also includes 8 bar pressure. The tank is covered with the very best rust-free ABS body for longer shelf life.


  • Crompton Solarium DLX SWH815 Storage Water Heater is recommended for all functions and is just totally perfect for all types of usages.
  • It selected among the most required water heaters on the internet and its recommended as a durable and efficient water heater.
  • Highly efficient water heater for a reasonable price! The auto cut off feature saves a lot of power.


  • It comes five years’ warranty on tank, two years warranty on elements and two years warranty on the product.

Weight & Height:

  • Its influence around 8 kg. And also comes in dimensions 39 cm (Length) x 57 cm (width) x 38.4 cm (Height).

Key Feature

  • 15-liters capacity
  • Nano Polymer coated the tank
  • 4-star BEE rating
  • Nickel coated copper heating element
  • 8 bar pressure
  • Warranty: 2 years on product; 2 years on the heating element; 5 years on tank

  • Easy installation
  • Advanced safety systems
  • Auto cut off
  • worth the value
  • very durable
  • The display lights need improvement
  • The water initially smells like burnt plastic, but that goes away after 10 days.

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3. Bajaj New Shakti GL 15-Litre Vertical Storage Water Heaterone of the best bajaj water heater in India for family use

Bajaj is one of the Indian brands. It is accessible and trusted in India.

It is three vertical storage 10-liters, 15-liters, and 25-liters available.

This Water Heater is another very efficient water heater with a storage tank and its available in white color.

It is a 4-star rated product for the merchant.

Bajaj New Shakti GL 15-Litre Vertical Storage Water Heater is best selling storage water heater in amazon.

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Built & Design:

Bajaj New Shakti GL 15-Litre Vertical Storage Water Heater comes with 2 KW heating elements.

Its 15-liters storage tank is rust-free and is glassine coated. The Incoloy heating element is highly efficient and its offer long life. 


  • This Water Heater is recommended for all as retains hot water. And also, it is very efficient durable.
  • Bajaj equipped this Geyser with a unique protection device that attracts the harmful salts and keeps the Storage tank and the Heating element safe and corrosion-free.


  • Bajaj gives 2 years warranty.

Weight & Height:

  • It comes in 8.44 kg weight. And also comes in dimmension 26.5 Cm X 26.5 Cm X 44 Cm.

Key Feature

  • 15-liter capacity
  • 2 KW Heating Element
  • Glass-lined Coated Inner Tank.
  • Rated Pressure 0.70 MPA.
  • 4-Star Rated
  • 2 years on product warranty

  • New updated system
  • Value for money
  • Heats up quickly
  • Need a few parts at the time of installation.
  • The temperature monitor is not accurate.

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4. Kenstar Jacuzzi KGS15W5P 15-Litre 2000 Watt Storage Water HeaterKenstar Jacuzzi KGS15W5P 15-Litre 2000 Watt Storage Water Heater

Kenstar Storage geysers have sufficient capacity ranging from 5 ltr to 30 ltr.

The kenstar jacuzzi water heater is the best model available at a competitive price.

If you have 3 to 5 members in your house, then you can choose a 15-liter variant because it is enough.

You are trying to find the lowest price of the Kenstar Geyser, you have come to the right place.

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Built & Design:

Kenstar Jacuzzi KGS15W5P 15-Litre 2000 Watt Storage Water Heater it is put on compact elegant design and certified heating element

Other Performance Vacuum Release Valve, Pressure Release Valve, and Storage Tank


  • Kenstar Jacuzzi KGS15W5P 15-Litre 2000 Watt Storage Water Heater In this, there is power consummation of 2000 W and Anti Syphonage, and fusible plug
  • If you talk about other performance, it also has an adjustable thermostat and thermal cutoff.


  • It comes 6 Years for inner container and 2 Years for the outer container.

Weight & Height:

  • This water heater that weight 6.5 kg. And also comes in dimensions 54 cm (height), 35 cm width,35.5 cm(depth).

Key Feature

  • 15-liters capacity
  • Also suitable for regular washroom
  • Safety Tip-Over Switch
  • Tank material standstill
  • Five-star product
  • 6-years warranty

  • Best for medium size family
  • Long warranty period
  • The brand does not provide Installation service for this kind of product.
  • This product did not provide customizable temperature settings

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5. Racold Eterno 2 Storage 25 Liter 2 KW Vertical Water HeaterRacold Eterno 2 Storage 25 Liter 2 KW Vertical Water Heater

Racold is a trusted brand due to its stylish design and durable products. 

Racold is an established and very popular brand in the current Indian online market scenario. this company has won awards for high-quality results.

If you are in search of a brand water heater that is well-designed?

Racold Eterno 2 storage 25 Liter 2 KW Vertical Water Heaters is a very well designed product with an outer shell that gives it high brightness.

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Built & Design:

Racold Eterno has been coated with Titanium Enamelled Heating Element, which has been provided with protective coating technology.

Racold Eterno water heater has the highest rated pressure of puf insulation and 8 mpa, including the temperature controller, and two colors blue and gray are provided.


  • Racold Eterno 2 Storage 25-liter 2 KW Vertical Water Heater is recommended for a large family. Because inbuilt technology is more useful for older families
  • The Racold brand famous for his different design and durable products and also looking good and his temperature range around 25-75 degrees C.
  • Unique polymer protective coating technology for inner container resists corrosion from hard water. and Titanium enamel heating element for efficiency, strength, low energy consumption, and longer life.


  • 2 Years Warranty on Product + 7 Years Warranty on Inner Tank+ 4 Years Warranty on Heating Element.

Weight & Height:

  • It is a Racold Eterno water heater that weighs 12 kg.
  • Its comes on dimensions 36.8 cm (Depth) x 38.6 cm (Width) x 55.9 cm (Height).
Key Feature
  • 25-liters capacity
  • Rust Resistant and Fire Retardant Cable
  • Adjustable Temperature Knob
  • Titanium Enamelled Heating Element
  • Smart Guard Anode
  • 8-Bar Pressure Withstanding Capacity
  • Temperature Regulator
  • 5 Star Rated Product
  • 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty for Product
  • Best of large size family
  • Reduced electricity bills
  • Long warranty period
  • Not provide a free installation
  • Ruler area may be service not available

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6. American Micronic AMI WHM3 25LDx 25-litres Imported Water HeaterAmerican Micronic AMI WHM3 25LDx 25-litres Imported Water Heater

This is certified and permissible with American Micronix is a 9001: 2008 certified company jas-az, Australia, and the EU Economic Zone (era) standards of products, and geprüfte Sicherheit (gs) German for the highest safety standards Certified product.

American Micronic is a relatively less known brand in the current Indian online market scenario.

In this American micronic water heater, the power mode 800W / 1200W / 2000W, variable temperature control automatic cut-off, and energy-saving also comes with 42 mm PUF insulation, with a density of 35mm / m3.

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Built & Design:

American micronic It comes Power Modes with Titanium enamel glass-lined tank,2mm Ultra-thick inner steel tank to handle 8 bars pressure, Also suitable for installation in multi-story buildings.

It provides maximum protection against hard water and corrosion, Superior quality provides quality built for long life.


  • This geyser of American micron is a model with 25-liter water capacity. American MICRONIC 25-liter AMI-WHM3-25LDx Storage – Geyser White also has a power of 220V and a 5-star energy rating.
  • This geyser comes with multiple safety systems to protect from dry heating and more pressure and fire retardant cable with 3 pin plug.


  • It comes Warranty on Heating Element 2 years and Warranty on Tank 2 years.

Weight & Height:

  • It is a white water heater that weight 16 kg.
  • Its comes on dimensions 62 cm (Length) x 44 cm (Width) x 62 cm (Height).
Key Feature
  • 25- liters capacity
  • Pressure 8 Bar
  • Over-heat Cut-off
  • Multiple safety systems to protect against dry heating and overpressure
  • 3 Power modes
  • High-quality Metal body with attractive looks
  • 25 Ltrs with Variable temperature control
  • Manual temperature control
  • Auto Shut Off
  • 5 Star rating
  • 2 years warranty
  • It comes Manual temperature control
  • Best for Medium size family
  • 2 years replacement warranty
  • Not provide remote control
  • Ruler area service not provided

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7. Bajaj Flora 3L-3KW Instant Water Heater 3 L Instant Water GeyserBajaj Flora 3L-3KW Instant Water Heater 3 L Instant Water Geyser

 Bajaj Flora 3L-3KW Instant Water Heater 3L Instant Water Geyser is offered by a trusted brand Bajaj. This gives hot water immediately without giving you much time.

Which can give you Comfort in the winter?

If you are looking for a beneficial and secure geyser that is clever and easy to use in all ways you need to take a look at the Bajaj Flora 3L 3KW Instant Water Heater Geyser.

It is compact and designed so that it will take very little space for your bathroom.

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Built & Design:

Designed with durable materials, the Bajaj flora 3L-3KW instant water heater Geyser will provide you with steady usage. The vertical mount is typed in and its color is white.

In the Bajaj Flora 3L-3KW Instant Water Heater Geyser, the rusty-proof ABS plastic is used in the body material and has high-quality ABS plastic used in it.

Fire retardant cable is also provided in the Geyser with Bajaj Flora 3L-3KW Instant Water Heater 3-liter Capacity.


  • Bajaj flora instant water heater geysers  Creation ensures that it does not take much space on the bathroom wall, it also has 8 bar advance rated pressure.
  • Fire retardant cable is available in the Bajaj  Geyser, which comes with the 3-pin plug.
  • Bajaj Flora has been given the ISI certification for the quality of the product.


  • 2 Years Warranty on Product and 5 Years Warranty on Inner Tank.

Weight & Height:

  • It is a white water heater that weight 2.5 kg.
  • Its comes on dimensions 13 cm (depth) x 18 cm (Width) x 33.5 cm (Height).
Key Feature
  • 3- liters capacity
  • BIS Certification (ISI, Mark)
  • Power Consumption 3000W
  • Neon Indicators for ‘Power on’ and Heating Function
  • Triple Safety System
  • Rust Proof ABS Plastic
  • Fire Retardant Cable
  • Suitable for large wall spaces
  • High-rise Buildings, High Pressure
  • Tank Material Grade – SS304
  • 5-star rated product
  • 2- years of product warranty
  • Best for small size family
  • Good customer service
  • Long warranty period
  • Low price
  • Third-party installations
  • Ruler area service may not provide

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Racold is a trusted brand due to its stylish design and durable products. The geyser instant to heat the water immediately. 

This company has won awards for the outcome of high quality.

The company believes that using Racold pronto. The user is using less electricity by up to 40%.

If you are checking such a brand water heater, The Racold Pronto 3 3-liter 3000-watt instant water heater is an immediate water heater manufactured by a reputable brand in the field of heating equipment. 

And the user takes a few minutes to provide hot water to make a comfortable bath.

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Built & Design:

The heating element of this water heater is making titanium, which provides long life and better protection for users. It has a maximum rated pressure of 6.5 bars,

It is designed in such a way that it can last longer. This heater can heat 3 liters of water.

It weighs around 2.5 kg, in which economically consuming total power consumes 3KW.


  • Racold  Pronto with a total capacity of 3 liters. which is just perfect for small usage.this is also put on PUF insulation and a rustproof body.


  • It comes two years warranty on this product and. The hitting element is of 3 years. Or 5 years warranty on a tank.

Weight & Height:

  • It is a Racold pronto water heater that weighs about 2.5 kg.It comes  on dimensions 992 inches(height), 1803 inches (length), 992 inches (width).
Key Feature
  • 3 liters storage water heater
  • Stylish designs and durable products
  • better energy efficiency and reduced electricity bills
  • Thermoplastic Body with ISI Mark
  • Corrosion Free, Thermal Cut-out
  • Four-star rating product
  • Two years warranty
  • Best of small family
  • Reduce the electricity bill
  • Easy monthly installment
  • Less price
  • Long warranty period
  • Ruler area may be service not available
  • Low capacity

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9. AO Smith EWS-3 3-Litre 3000 Watts Instant Water Heater (White)AO Smith EWS-3 3-Litre 3000 Watts Instant Water Heater (White) is top geyser in India

Ao Smith is a reputed and certified brand. Its product content always provides excellent and number one service.

This Geyser of Ao Smith has a good capacity of 3 liters, which is capable of heating water for the whole family.

This geyser of Ao Smith easily matches the kitchen and bathroom furniture in the house, which looks very attractive.

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Built & Design:

The durable geyser has a thermal cut-out, if the temperature rises above the desired rate, it prevents your device from heating.

This geyser can withstand water pressure up to 65 N / cm2, which is considered ideal for high buildings.

This geyser consumes 3000 W power. Which are the voltage of 230 V and a frequency of 50 Hz, it is a very energy-efficient geyser.


  • It can easily install AO Smith’s geyser and can provide 3-liter storage capacity.
  • AO Smith EWS 3 Storage Water Heater is a good choice for your home.
  • this geyser is equipped with a glass-coated heating element, which is capable of heating water at a fast rate.
  • The superior quality ABS is used in the outer part of the heater, which prevents rust.


  • 2 years on product, 3-Year warranty on the heating element, and a 5-year warranty on the tank.
  • Only instant water heater with a 3-years warranty.

Weight & Height:

  • It is a white water heater that weighs 3.2kg.Its comes on dimensions 38.4 cm (Length) x 24.5 cm (Width) x 19.7 (Height).
Key Feature
  • 3-liters capacity
  • Rust-proof outer body
  • Hi-tech thermostat and cutout
  • Glass coated heating element
  • High rated 6.5 bar water pressure
  • Fire retardant cable
  • High-rise Buildings, High Pressure
  • Useful for Kitchen, quick water heating
  • Guaranteed service within 24 hours
  • 5 years replacement warranty
  • Good customer service
  • Long warranty period
  • Best for a small family
  • The Brand does not provide Installation service for this kind of products

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10. Havells Neo 3-Litre 3000-Watt instantaneous electric Water Heater (White)Havells Neo 3-Litre 3000-Watt instantaneous electric Water Heater (White)

The Havells Neo 3-liter 3000-watt instantaneous electric, water heater (white) is a very stylish and durable product.

 it is designed in a great way that it can fit in a small washroom or kitchen rooms with great comfort.

This Havelos Neo 3-liter water heater is also available in two colors. This high-quality water heater is Confirmatively durable, so it is worth buying.

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Built & Design:

Havells instantaneous water heater is designed in white with an ABS body on the outer color, which is comfortable in your bathroom.

Havells tank’s stability is more than an SS tank. Its internal tank passes through many trials, which it proves to be reliable.

This electric water heater is capable of working in high buildings and pressure pump installations.

This water heater is the Built-Up of super steel plates, which are super thick rolled sheets of 2 mm Plump.


  • Havells Neo instantaneous 3-liter electric water heater will give you a warm bath in a few minutes.
  • This water heater built possible due to high performance, durable motor driven by 3000-watts of power consumption, which heats your water as soon as possible.
  • Havells Neo 3-liter 3000 W is being increasingly being demanded because of the best internal tank material in the instantaneous electric water heater.


  • It comes with, 1-year warranty on the inner container and a 2-year comprehensive warranty. 

Weight & Height:

  • It is a white water heater that weight 4.5 kg.Its comes on dimensions 35.5 cm (Length) x 23.5 cm (Width) x 46 cm (Height).
Key Feature
  • 3-liters capacity
  • Pressure rating >6 bar is suitable for High Rise buildings
  • Useful for bathroom
  • 2mm Thick Super Cold Rolled Steel Plates
  • Rust and shockproof  ABS body
  • Non-ferrous pressure plate
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Ideal working with high rise building and pressure pump installation
  • Vertical mounting
  • High wattage of 3kW/4.5kW for instant heating
  • thick stainless steel inner tank
  • Low energy bill
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • High-quality
  • Efficient Energy Usage
  • Reliable
  • Customers need to arrange installation on their own.
  • Installation for this product is not provided by the brand.

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11. V Guard Victo Plus 15 Litre Water HeaterV Guard Victo Plus 15 Litre Water Heater

V Guard Victo Plus is built with strong and reliable construction and advanced technology.

The V-guitar Victo Plus has been elegantly styled and highly energy-efficient, which is perfect for modern homes.

V Guard Vcto Plus 15 liters water heater is stress-free and user-friendly, it’s time to make it soothing; hot water creates a daily connection!

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Built & Design:

This Geyser of V-Guard has been made of four types, which include – 6 L, 10 L, 15 L, and 25 L.

V guard Victo Plus comes with a Seven Segment digital display.

This geyser only gives the display screen and finds the approximate temperature of the water in the internal tank.

The exterior body of Victo Plus is made of high-quality light steel, which remains for long with anti-corrosive powder coating.


  • The high-quality PUF insulation used in Victo Plus reduces heat loss.
  • Puf maintains the water’s ability to keep the water warm for a long time, due to which your electricity will be saved.
  • Magnesium sacrificial anode used in V Guard protects the internal tanks from Corrosion.


  • 2-year product warranty, 1-year additional warranty on the heating element, and 5-year additional warranty on the inner tank.

Weight & Height:

  • This water heater weighs 10.7kg.
  • Its comes on dimensions 30 cm (Length) x 30cm (Width) x 50.5 (Height).
Key Feature
  • 15-liters capacity
  • Free installation in many areas
  • Digital display and easy to operate temperature control knob
  • Four Layered Safety System
  • Highly Energy Efficient
  • Built to Last Long
  • Digital Display and Convenient Jog Dial
  • 5-star rating from BEE for energy efficiency
  • 2-year product warranty
  • Best for medium size family
  • Good customer service
  • Free installation
  • Easy to operate temperature control
  • Long warranty period
  • Price is high as compare to another.
  • Ruler area may be service not available

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Best Geyser Brand in India

Water Heater is permanently installed in the bathroom. It needs to be durable and efficient to avoid repairs or purchasing of the new heater.

Below we have covered the best geyser brand in India that provides high-quality products.

AO Smith:

AO Smith geyser

AO Smith is an American company. It’s headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States.

The brand includes more products like water boilers, water heaters, dishwashers, and many more.

AO Smith stand-on amazon best selling brand in the water heater category. This brand best seller category in water heater because of its design, efficiency, durability, and warranty really good.


bajaj geyser

Bajaj was founded in 1926 by Jamnalal Bajaj in Mumbai.

The gathering contains 36 companies which include different businesses like vehicles, lighting, home appliances, protection, iron and steel, travel, and finance.

This brand is India based brand and has so had a great deal of effect into the psyches of the shoppers.

This company provides the best water heater for any household as it runs for many years without any problem. 


Crompton geyser

Crompton is an Indian multinational company. It’s founded in 1878. It’s the main headquarters in Mumbai.

The manufacturing products are Transformers, pumps, HT & LT Motors, DC Motors, and Railway Signaling. 

Crompton is a trusted brand for many home appliances like geysers, air coolers, etc.

The Crompton Greaves item with a CG logo denoting its genuinity.

The Crompton water heater is currently the bestseller in this category.


Racold geyser

The Racold is a part of the popular group Ariston Thermo which is occupied with producing heating systems.

Racold is a very popular brand and its millions of users across the world.

Its water heater is efficient and durable. They are one more first selling brand in all over the world. These geysers outside are stylish and very attractive.  


Havells geyser

It is one of the largest electronic equipment industry in India. It’s main headquarters in Noida.

Havells was founded in 1958 by Qimat Rai Gupta and Rajesh Saxena Bandar.

The company manufactures quick-moving electrical goods like home appliances, fans, lighting, and switchgear.  

Havells is a trusted brand in this market for a home appliance like a water heater and air coolers and many more.

Its water heater is the perfect combination of design and style.


kenstar geyser

It is part of the videocon company. It was founded in 1979 by Venugopal Dhoot. It’s main headquarters in Mumbai.

This brand 15+ sites all over the world.

Kenstar is a brand of home appliances by company Kitchen Appliances India Limited in 1996.  

it’s manufacture all type home appliance like a water heater, air cooler, television and many more.

Types Of Geyser/ Water heater:

Water Heaters are the utility appliances that help to heat water during this winter and that too fast in just minutes.

All that needs to consider energy-efficient, durable, and space to install in our bathroom.

Mostly Four types of the best water heater in India available in the Indian market.

1.  Immersion Heaters:

Immartion geyser

These are the cheapest way of heating water.

These are our good old immersion rods.

They are easily available at any electric shop and its cast around 500/- to 2500/- Rupees available. 

Its price depends upon the brand and the specification of the heater.

  • Very Cheap
  • Compact
  • No installation
  • Fast heating and User-Friendly
  • Not Safe
  • Energy Consumption is high
  • Might lead to misuse of property


2. Electric Water Heaters:

electric water heater

Most of the households used electric water heater because it is best for home-usage.

They have a special feature of heating water at the temperature is higher than a gas water heater. 

The cost of a water heater is not much but its operational cast higher than other types.

The running expense goes down however as there is a use of all the more heating components which are effective in doing as such.

  • Extra heating feature
  • Power efficiency
  • Long Warranty Period
  • Not noted yet


 3. Storage Water Heaters:

best water heater in india

All storage water heater comes with the tank. The tanks hold water and then the water is heated.

Storage water heater available in different capacities and sizes of the tank.  

The storage water heater incapacity of tank range around 1 to 30 liters.

For the large homes, there is a large capacity tank available.

  • More quantity of water while bathing
  • Save power consumption
  • Tank capacity is 15L and many more
  • It is usually huge because of the tank inbuilt.
  • More space is required in this case.


4. Gas Geyser:

Gas Geyser

Gas geyser is a new variant of the geyser. It is very famous in the Indian market.

These geysers in LPG gas use heating water.

They have a unique feature of heating water much faster. Also, gas geysers are quite for economical usage.

It saves a lot of time and money.  

  • Medium size
  • Very compact and sleek
  • Overall low costing
  • Less awareness about the product


Buying Guide to Find the Best Geyser

How to find the Best Geyser In India you read carefully consider these points:

1. Know Your Purpose:

The most important factor before buying the geyser is known about your purpose.

If you choose Water Heater for Kitchen or Bathroom.

You can find a Water Heater for the kitchen so you choose the Instant Water Heater and you can find a Water Heater for the bathroom so you choose the Storage Water Heater.

2. Water Capacity:

This is a very important point for you because you need 15L capacity Water Heater and you can buy 25L.

If your family is small of 2-3 members so you should consider 5-8 L Water Heater. But your family is a 5-6 member so you should consider 15L Water Heater and Your family is big so you consider 25L Water Heater.

3. Temperature:

In a water heater, there Are two readings available: 1. The Bathing Temperature and 2. The Thermostat Temperature.

Most of the time bath temperature is lower than thermostat temperature.

The ideal temperature to clean up is around 36 degrees, while the thermostat one is 60 degrees.   

4. Power Consumption:

Power utilization is the electric power that a water heater consumes.

It is signified in Watts. Even though this is certifiably not a noteworthy factor to think of you as can’t stay away from it too.

5. Durability & Maintenance:

Water Heater is average works efficiently around 10 years but it depends on water quality and usage of the appliance. 

So more durability gives better performance.

Proper maintenance will make sure the product works in excellent condition.  

6. Warranty:

I have always seen most of the people avoid watching the warranty period of the product they are buying. 

Most of the geyser comes 4-5 years warranty on tank and 2-3 years warranty on accessories.

It’s a one-time investment, So you can choose the best one for you.

7. Budget-Friendly;

This is the main important part of choosing the best water heater in India for you.

You have most decide a budget in your mind and then you look geyser for all the specifications in this budget. 

If you have a low budget then you can choose the basic level model.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below we have tried to some most frequently asked questions for geyser buyers:

1. What are the best Water heater brands?

Best brand guarantees quality, effectiveness, and great after deals administration. From such a significant number of brands here comes the best ones-AO smith, Havells, Crompton, Bajaj, Racold, American Micron, V-Guard, and Kenstar. They offer fountains with limits from 10L-35 L. They are accessible in Amazon or Flipkart. Some of them give free establishment. Regardless of whether it is paid, they are in every case superior to a calling neighborhood handyman.

2. What is the cost of installation?

The expense for an establishment is now and again secured by the brand however you have to buy the fittings which may cost you around Rs 1000/ – yet if the establishment isn’t taken care of it may expense around Rs 1500/ – for a moment heater and gas radiators have separate necessities.

3. How you can make your geyser a smart geyser?

With home mechanization, you can control your fountain with a cell phone without rising ahead of schedule from your bed. You should simply to plug the Oakter good spring to the Oakter shrewd attachment and timetable an opportunity to turn on/off consequently. Like if you intend to wash up at 8 am you can arrange the Oakter App to naturally turn the spring on at 7:30 am, by so you will get heated water when you enter the restroom. It will likewise kill the fountain after achieving the ideal temperature set by you.

4. Can Instant Geyser Be Used For A Shower?

By and large, the moment fountains discharge just 6-liters of water on the double and the clients need to hang tight for a little for getting more water for washing purposes. Once more, if you require fewer water supplies for the washing, at that point truly, you can utilize the moment water spring for showers too. 

Be that as it may, the majority of the general population don’t lean toward utilizing moment water heaters in the shower as they permit utilizing just 6-liters of water to be utilized for washing.

5. Why is the Energy Factor important?

EEF represents Energy Efficiency Factor and is a significant factor as it is utilized to characterize the effectiveness of the water radiator. The water heaters are set apart with this factor and subsequently, it is critical to take a note of it.

6. Which will be the best brand for after-sales services?

The majority of brands like Bajaj, Crompton, AO Smith, Havells, and so on furnish with the after-deals benefits so that if there’s any issue the assembling deformities can be taken consideration or possibly the blower, and so on. These aides over the long haul and should be considered consistently before buying any apparatus.

7. How wattage is related to heating time?

The wattage of a fountain is straightforwardly identified with the time taken for heating water. The more the wattage the quicker will be the heating. For example, a 4 K.W fountain will warm the water quicker than a 2 K.W spring. It can anticipate heated water wastage; in any case, more prominent wattage will likewise build the month to the monthly power bill.

8. What is the average costing of the water heaters?

Water radiators lead to about 15% of the power charge during winters so it ought to have deliberately picked and it is smarter to go for a vitality proficient water heater. These days it is effectively accessible as star appraised and generally, five stars evaluated apparatuses are the most vitality proficient.

9. What is the best geyser for hard water?

Hard water has salts like calcium, magnesium in a broke upstate. They can cause consumption and structure rust inside the dividers of the geyser. On the off chance that you have a hard water supply at home search for a geyser with a destructive safe tank and glass-covered copper Incoloy heating component for more prominent solidness and longer life expectancy. You can likewise introduce a water conditioner that will transform hard water into delicate water before passing it to the geyser.

10. Why does the water smell like burnt plastic for the first time?

Try not to stress over the smell it happens when the plastic coat inside gets heated just because the smell leaves after the second or third utilization however on the off chance that regardless it perseveres you should contact the administration focus. 

All of the details regarding the Best water heater in India buy in 2020 full detail delivered in this article. I have to explain the feature described in detail and full product review with pros and cons. So, close your eyes and follow the article and choose a suitable geyser for you. Trust me, you read the full article. So, you choose the best geyser for you.

Any doubt comment below. I will help you.

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